Video Project Samples

Fading stars

A Santa Monica Independent Film Selectee 2014 for Short Documentary Film.

From the frigid waters of Alaska to the sunny beaches of Southern California, the iconic sea stars are fading from the reefs. Once colorful tide pools are now graveyards; littered with the remains of the dying creatures whose bodies are liquefied by a mysterious disease.

Jonathen wrote, directed and produced the this short documentary film which is continued to be shown at California State University Long Beach in their Marine Science course.

the jumper maybach story Trailer

Winner Best LGBTQ Film at NiFF Houston International Film Festival 2016.

Official Selection at Awareness Film Festival 2016.

Texas-born Ben Workman was pushed to the breaking point after a lifetime of discrimination and bullying. Until one day, something magical happened: Ben experienced an awakening that would change his life in a profound way. Enter Jumper Maybach, clown personae and abstract painter, alter ego of Ben Workman. Through his newfound freedom of expression, Jumper uses art to spread his message of universal love and acceptance.

Jonathen was an editor, scriptwriter, and back-up cameraman for this full-length documentary film.


Emergency Response 'Team Rubicon' | Game Changers

Short video story coinciding with the Will Smith movie "Concussion".

Meet the people that help you on your worst possible day: Team Rubicon. The people who go places around the world… where no one else wants to be.

Jonathen supplied B-roll footage to UPROXX to create this video about the organization he volunteers with as a photographer and videographer.


AFN Daily News Update

Continuing Promise 2010 finished its humanitarian civic assistance mission, delivering medical, dental, veterinary, engineering, subject matter expert exchange and disaster response cooperation to host nations to include Haiti, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama, Suriname and Guyana. 

Jonathen created the story with footage from previous shoots during the deployment.  This story was shown on American Forces Networks (AFN) around the world.